Price : $400,000.00
Acreage : 320 Acres
Waterfront : No
Frontage : N/A
Type : Recreational Property
County : Marquette
Township : Ely
Nearest City : Ishpeming
School District : NICE
Access : Seasonal
Utilities : None
Commercial Forest : No
Conservation Easement : No
Property ID : M482813D
Status : Active Listing
Property Tags : Acreage Marquette Recreational
Destinations : Acreage

Property Description

CLC Lands & Private Lakes, Inc.’s Marquette County CL acreage property includes 320 acres of land, with County Road frontage you can easily drive to, and utilities close by.  It has multiple leaf- and moss-carpeted spur roads, granite outcroppings, huge white pine, maple, and hemlock trees, a small section of creek, and a gorgeous, open building site.

This western Marquette County property is zoned recreational, which means the owner can enjoy a half-section of land and build a private family camp. If you are looking for a year-round residential or development property, you can apply for rezoning with Ely Township. If granted, this would allow for the building of a single-family residence or vacation home, potential sub-division of the land into saleable parcels, the building of a retreat, group home, bed and breakfast, commercial venture – you name it.

Marquette County CL is located 11 miles from the full-service town of Ishpeming, just six miles north of US-41 and is accessed by County Road CL which runs through the northwest corner of the property.


From Ishpeming, head west to the Wawanowin Golf Club Road and turn right. Continue left onto Diorite Road and then right onto County Road CL (Greenwood Rd). In 5 miles, you will reach a large white house. Angle right, passing their pond (to the left), and through an open (slightly hidden) gate. Proceed to the property.

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In-Depth Look At Property

Turn right off US 41 W at the Wawonowin Golf Club Road (check out if you’re a golfer), left onto Greenway Lake Road (Co. Rd. 496), drive one mile and turn right onto County Road CL where the old CH (SOO) Rail line intersects the road north. This railroad grade is designated Marquette County Snowmobile trail #8 in the winter and is great for hiking, running, horseback riding, mountain biking, or riding an ATV in the summer. (

The road continues north for 5 miles. Closer to the property, the pavement ends and gravel continues. There are plenty of residents on this section of road up until the very end where the road veers off behind a neighbor’s estate (which features a private backyard pond).  The section of road beyond the pond is designated as seasonal.

My Avenza Map phone app tells me we have arrived. A quick glance up at a white birch marked with blue forestry paint confirm this. I drive the length of the county road running through the property first. This is a prime road to build off of. There is electrical up to the aforementioned neighbor’s house (within a quarter mile). You could heat with propane or wood, and DVS Technologies advertises high-speed internet service here.

If you favor a more remote location, drive down one of the spur roads that perfectly access all points of this 320-acre property.

My favorite building site can be found in the western quarter of the property and to the south where the spur road ends in a beautiful clearing framed by massive white pines, the southern line of which contains a bluff and a creek.

I can easily envision a family structure here. The trees are amazing – which is a noteworthy comment because it’s spring and the hardwoods aren’t in leaf yet. The open feel of the forest is deceiving. Soon, mother nature will fill it in and all will be green until fall when the maple leaves turn all manner of red, orange, and yellow.

The east half of the 360 acres is cut-over aspen, and the west half is hardwood and white pine. In Marquette County, you can hunt whitetail deer, black bear, and fowl and you’re likely to have all three in the immediate area. Directly north of the property are six hundred acres owned by the State of Michigan.

A 320-acre estate is a lot of land. Despite that, it feels homey here – like the property has been prepared for you. There’s that perfect building site plus several miles of dirt roads to play on. You’re close to civilization (and the school bus route if you need it – Private, yet not too remote, it’s the best of both worlds.

For more information on Marquette, click here.

For more information about the Michigan Commercial Forest (CF) program, click here.

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