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About Our Sucker River Real Estate


CLC Lands & Private Lakes Inc. offers miles of riverfront real estate for sale in Grand Marais, Michigan.

The Sucker River is a Type 4 trout stream and contains the game fish species of steelhead/rainbow trout, brook trout, coho salmon, and chinook salmon.

The river is high in the spring, but is considered wadeable. Anyone owning the Sucker River properties for sale by CLC Lands would have complete fishing access from both sides of the river. The option to “bank fish” or wade would be at the discretion of the owner. It is reported that the best fishing month is September. Anglers should refer to the Inland Trout and Salmon Stream Regulations in the current Michigan Fishing Guide.

An interesting historical note on the area comes from a report on The Blind Sucker River made by Leland Anderson, a Fisheries Biologist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. It describes how the Blind Sucker was once a part of the lower portion of the Sucker River, which now flows into East Bay at Grand Marais. “During the logging era, the Sucker River was used to float logs from the “Whitewash” Plains” to its mouth, then located near Deer Park. The logs were then floated back to the mill at Grand Marais via Lake Superior. In the 1870s, by a stroke of engineering genius and lots of hard work, the Sucker River channel was pinched off at Cable Hill and diverted across and between the dunes to Grand Marais Creek and thus into East Bay at Grand Marais – some 13 miles west of the original river mouth.”

Today, the Sucker River is 35 miles long and you could own two miles of it if you were to purchase the three contiguous parcels of Sucker I, II, and III for sale with CLC Lands & Private Lakes, Inc. There are 311 acres for sale with all three parcels. We are selling the property whole, or separately.

Sucker I includes 2,000 feet of frontage and 78 acres of land, Sucker II includes 1,900 feet of frontage and 153 acres of land, and Sucker III includes 1,500 feet of frontage and 80 acres of land. All are accessible off of Sandy Lane.

The water is tea-colored from pine needles and other organic matter falling in and breaking down over time. The northern part of the property contains critical coastal dunes which are protected by the State of Michigan. All of this exists within a natural pine ecosystem where red and white pines thrive in an old-growth state, compete with fire-scars – emblematic of natural pine forests.

The Sucker River real estate properties are in Alger County, 5 miles from Grand Marais. You can access them from the north off H-58 and the south off State Highway M28. Both sides of the river are included and are well-buffered with acreage.

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